To me homebrewers are the MacGyvers of today, I can remember the first time I went to a club brew day and was amazed at all of the unique solutions the other brewers had to solve everyday brewing problems from brewing stands, to recirculating the mash to chilling the wort.

Entire forums are chalked full with Do It Yourself Brewing projects, some are simple ways to get the job done to down right ingenious ideas to build peristalic pumps and other things. This is where  I get a lot of my inspiration to build out my home brewery and I hope to share some of that inspiration with you.

I hope this site will turn out to be a great resource on how to use embedded processors in your home brewery projects.

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  1. Peter

    Love your project I make the occasional home brew myself.
    “If you can imagine it, then you can make it.”, but there’s a whole lot of #@$$%*+!! along the way.
    Working on a automated hydroponic system myself, seems like the most simplest problem can stump you forever, especially if your new to programing like I am. I love your Idea of web based logging, Wow! Id be lucky if I can figure out a simple GUI.
    Only thing that still runs through my mind, probably would of been better off on a Arduino, or even PIC. Netduino is difficult to go from board to production. They are expensive and complicated boards to manufacture, that is if you ever want to go to production.
    Anyway have fun


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